Trainer Resources


Concussion Information

See Concussion Recognition Tool for a one page tool for recognizing concussions.

It is suggested that each team’s trainers and managers to print off a few of the Return to Play forms to be included in the first aid kit for us at the game.

Any questions about the policy, or specific questions about particular incidents can be directed to the Director of Risk and Safety.

Trainer Training

  1. All teams U9 to U19 must have at least one Bench Staff member who has First Aid Certification.  It is highly recommended that this person be present at all games and team activities. Note that this person does not have to have the title of ‘Trainer’; it can be one of the coaches.
  2. All trainers must have completed Making Headway (See details on Coaching page) – A course on managing concussions.
  3. Trainers ARE NO LONGER REQUIRED to attend either a CSI or CI clinic or have completed the Hockey Trainer Certification Program Level 1. In addition, trainers do not need to take the MED in class course or the online evaluation. Trainers only need to have First Aid Certification. However, there can only be one trainer on the bench at one time at any level.