Come Try Ringette

Interested in ringette, but not quite sure what it is?  We got you.

Come Try Ringette events are designed to introduce the sport to potential players, regardless of skating ability or ringette knowledge.  Our volunteers are there to assist every step of the way, from tying skates to picking out the right size stick to literally holding players up if required!

Join us at our FREE spring event!

Our next Come Try Ringette takes place on June 9th, we'd be enchanted to meet you.

What do I need for Come Try Ringette?  Skates, helmet, winter mitts or gloves.  Other protective equipment is nice to have, softens the blow if they fall, but not necessary.

What happens at Come Try Ringette?   Allison Madeley leads the participants through various games and activities.  There will be plenty of on-ice helpers to assist those who are learning to skate, and others to playfully challenge those who want more.  Some short clips from our most recent events:

A typical schedule:

  • 11:45 am - Arrival - sign in and collect your swag.  Participants who indicated they needed to borrow helmets and/or skates should arrive 15 minutes early to allow sizing.
  • 11:45 - 12:15 pm - Dressing Rooms - put on skates, helmets, pick out a stick.
  • 12:15 - 1:05 pm - ON ICE!
  • 1:05 - 1:30 pm - Join us for snacks and after-event activities, we will be available to answer any questions you might have.

What are the age ranges (or divisions) for Ringette?  They go up to U19, but our Come Try Ringette participants usually are U16-aged and below.  The divisions are:

  • FUN1 is for children, usually ages 4-7, who are new to ringette or skating, learning basic game structure, and still developing basic skills, this group plays cross-ice. Girls just want to have FUNdamentals gives a great glimpse of the effort of our FUN coaches and the activities on ice in this program
  • FUN2 is for children, usually ages 6-8, who are learning to lengthen their stride, ready to learn more rules of ringette, and have developed some basic skills, this group plays Mini Ringette.
  • FUN3 is for children who demonstrate that they have acquired the physical, cognitive, and social readiness for more challenging play, this group plays full-sized ringette.
  • U12 is for players, ages 10-11; this division is tiered (A/B/C) based on skills.
  • U14 is for players aged 12-13; this division introduces competitive programming at the AA/A levels with tiered recreational levels (B/C).
  • U16 is for players aged 14-15; this division has both competitive programming (AA/A) and tiered recreational levels (B/C).

NOTE:  We have an Equipment Loan program, if your player is a FUN-aged player or a tiny U12/U14, our sticks and cages are available for loan.


Have a barrier to joining?

Our mixed-ability Ringette for All program aims to remove barriers (physical, cognitive, financial, cultural), allowing more athletes to play ringette!