Call Up Rules

A "call up" is when a team needs an extra player and wants to "borrow" a player from another team for a game (eg a U14 team wants to borrow a U12 player to play for a game).

In general there are limits on:

  1. When this can be done.  If your team has sufficient players you cannot call up or call over.
  2. How many times a given player can be called up or over.
  3. The level of play of the player being called up or over.  For example a 14C team cannot call over a U14AA player.

The National Capital Region Ringette League (NCRRL) has detailed rules for this which are explained at

The rules are bit hard to find in the documentation.  Here is the relevant section as of October 2021:

Shall be registered with your association and be a RO registered player. When your association has no appropriate age division or calibre teams, you must contact your Regional G&T Coordinator for possible solutions.

Can choose either/or:

- same age division or one lower, same calibre or less.

Example 1) A U16AA team could choose:

a U16AA/A/B/ C team player 

Example 2) A U16A team could choose:

a U16A/B/C team player; or

a U14A/B/C team player

- one calibre higher only, one age division lower.

Example: a U16A team could also choose a U14 AA player


You must advise the NCRRL convenor for your age group before the game.  The list of convenors is available at