Our FUNdamentals program focuses on developing skating ability, introducing ringette skills and having fun.

Who plays FUNdamentals Ringette?

Most FUNdamentals players are 5-7 year olds, but we welcome players as 4 and up to 9 in the program.  Many players start with some basic skating skills, but that is not a requirement at this age. Ringette is a great way to learn to skate while having fun!

There are three progressive age categories in FUNdamentals – FUN1, FUN2, and U10 (FUN3).

FUN1 is for children, usually ages 4-7, who are new to ringette or skating, learning basic game structure, and still developing basic skills, this group plays cross-ice.

FUN2 is for children, usually ages 6-8, who are learning to lengthen their stride, ready to learn more rules of ringette, and have developed some basic skills, this group plays Mini Ringette.

U10 (FUN3) is for children who demonstrate that they have acquired the physical, cognitive, and social readiness for more challenging play, this group plays full-sized ringette.

For more information, review Ringette Ontario's Children's Ringette.

When and where do the FUNdamentals practice and play?

FUN1 and FUN2 sessions are scheduled for Saturdays, starting on October 16th at Peplinski (Jim Durrell Recreation Centre).  The times are still to be determined due to repurposing of arenas for COVID purposes and the complexity of scheduling ice times. Times for U10 (FUN3) games and practices will not be known until after tryouts are completed and teams formed.

We will update this web page with additional details once they are known.

What equipment do I need?

FUNdamentals players require a full set of ringette equipment.

  • CSA approved helmet with ringette mask (triangle-shaped holes to protect against the square ended stick)
  • neck guard
  • shoulder pads
  • elbow pads
  • gloves
  • shin pads
  • skates
  •  jill
  • ringette pants and girdle OR hockey pants and socks
  • ringette stick

We provide children with a jersey to wear for the season.

Who runs the FUNdamentals program?

Volunteers run the City of Ottawa Ringette Association. Each year in FUNdamentals, we rely on volunteers (including parents and grandparents) for the following positions:

  • Coaches: We offer free training to anyone interested in Coaching. First-time coaches will learn to create fun, safe environments while gaining a broader understanding of the game of ringette.  Reference: FUN1/FUN2 Coach Requirements.
  • Trainer: At every practice, game or other event, we need to have a designated adult with First Aid Certification (e.g., Certified First Aid course, medical doctor, registered nurse, firefighter, paramedic, certified athletic therapist).  Reference: Trainer Requirements.
  • Manager: The record keeping / budget tracking / logistics coordination duties in FUNdamentals are light, but essential to the smooth running of the season.  Reference:  Manager Requirements
  • Player Helpers: Older ringette players, including those looking for volunteer hours, are encouraged to come out to help on the ice. Often, they are the most popular people on the ice.

How do I register?

Register through CORA's website. FUNdamentals accepts new registrations throughout the season ? it?s never too late to join!

How do I get more information?

Via email ? You can Contact CORA's FUNdamentals Convenor.