Goalie Support Policy

CORA will provide all necessary equipment for a goalie to play in any given year. This would include pads, chest protector, stick, glove, blocker, or trapper. Exclusions would include a goalie helmet and goalie skates. Throughout the year a player may need new equipment based on new sizing requirements, repair or upgrades. As such a player may ask to obtain these items which will be either via the equipment manager and our current inventory, or to purchase on their own and get reimbursement. In the case of a player sourcing equipment for reimbursement they must get PRIOR APPROVAL from the equipment manager. The preference would be to source from our current inventory. However, if it is

deemed by the equipment manager that CORA could use such equipment for the organization and we currently do not have an acceptable piece of equipment in our inventory, we can explore purchasing new equipment. Once equipment is obtained it becomes the property of CORA (and must be labeled as such) and may be used by that player for the duration of the season. All equipment that has been borrowed by a player must be returned at the end of the year. Arrangements can be made for spring tournaments and summer camps with the equipment manager.

Any CORA player that chooses to buy and use ALL of her own gear can apply for a $200 reimbursement (no receipts required) every year. This amount is not prorated, is paid at the end of the season and carries the stipulation that all equipment in use be the property of the player and not CORA.

All goalies that enroll in a spring/summer goalie camp (i.e. GoalerU) are eligible to receive up to a $100 reimbursement for a camp less than $500 and $200 for a camp more that $500. If goalies attend multiple camps the maximum reimbursement is $400. Receipts are required.


Approved March 29, 2016