Committee Membership

Governance and Compliance Committee

  • Frances McRae, Laurie SullivanJF Bordeleau, John Clarke, Gulia Brutesco

Coaching Committee

  • Roland Wippel, Don Grant, Allison Madeley

Finance Committee

  • Pablo Sobrino, Ionel Sincu, Pierre Plouffe, Marie Noelle Houston

Social Media/Website Committee

  • Dave Stachon, Tara Ouchterlony, Andrew McGregor

Ringette for All/Breaking Down Barriers Committee

  • Kim Gurtler, Danielle White, Tara Ouchterlony, Phyllis Bergmans, Kari Stachon, Heather Andrews, Elspeth Tory, Steve Bickerton, John Clarke

Convenors' Committee

  • John Clarke, Jennifer Blattman, Sylvie Mitchell, Sarah Estabrooks, Robyne Leslie, Peggy Pratt, Mirka Sammon, Toula Makris, Cecilia Alperin,  Sarah Schock, Becky Kong

Risk and Safety Committee

  • Neil McGraw

Player Development Committee

  • Rob Cram

Tournament Committee

  • Phyllis Bergmans

Equipment Committee

  • Andrew McGregor, Mel Derry