Goalie Mentorship Program

To further enhance our association’s investment in developing our own ringette goalies, CORA is introducing a new Goalie Mentorship Program.

Why does CORA need a Goalie Mentorship Program?

While there is a depth of goaltending expertise and a culture of mentoring in hockey, there is not for ringette goalies. This has resulted in a very shallow talent pool.

What are the goals of the Program?

  • to encourage existing senior CORA goalies to “mentor” younger goalies as a way of supporting the existing GoalerU goalie clinics and during team practices throughout the season
  • give our junior CORA goalies strong role models and a resource to consult

Want more information?

If you are a CORA team looking for a goalie mentor, please contact Rob Cram (email, home:613-249-8769). Rob will coordinate mentoring goalies with the teams, develop training plans and seek out other like-minded goalies (and hopefully cooperative parents) at the competitive levels of U16 and U19.