Tryout and Release

Permission to Tryout

All CORA players requesting permission to tryout with another association must:

·         complete a CORA registration form and provide payment for the season to CORA.

·         complete Part 1 of the Player Tryout/Release Form and have this part signed by the CORA President.

·         leave a copy of the CORA signed tryout permission form with each association whose tryouts the player attends.

CORA cannot deny the request to tryout for another association, however this does not guarantee that the player will be released to that association, even if they make the team.

All non-CORA players requesting permission to tryout with CORA must:

·         first complete a CORA registration form.

·         provide a copy of a properly signed (Part 1) Player Tryout/Release Form.

·         pay any tryout fees at the time of tryout.

Reasons for Release

CORA has the right to defer signing a player’s release until September 15th. This rule was implemented by ORA to assist local associations in forming their teams.

A player may be only be released to another association for the following reasons:

1)       Level of play not available

CORA offers all levels of play at all age groups. This reason is therefore only invoked if the player in question attended tryouts for a team but was not selected for that team.

2)       Other

This  reason must be fully detailed on the form, and is reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the CORA executive.

CORA is under no obligation to release or not release players.


Release Procedure

All CORA players receiving a release to another association must:

  • obtain the signature of the CORA President on Part II of their previously completed Player Tryout/Release Form.
  • if this is the player’s 3rd consecutive release to the same association, the player is now a member of the association to which they have been released and must register with that association next season.

When a player is released by CORA, all registration fees are refunded to the player. The player becomes responsible for providing registration payment to the association to whom they have been released.

All non-CORA players released to CORA must:

  • provide a copy of a properly signed (Part 2) Player Tryout/Release Form.
  • provide all CORA registration fees immediately.
  • if this is the player’s 3rd consecutive release to CORA, the player is now a member of CORA and must register with CORA next season.

Contested Application For Player Release

A release (either approved or denied) may be contested by the player or a local association. Such contested applications are decided at a Player Release Tribunal, held by the Eastern Region Ringette Association.

Until the issue is resolved, the player MUST NOT be on the ice for ANY association involved.

The Player Release Tribunal must meet within 7 days of the Eastern Region being informed of the contested release.  The tribunal will render a decision after allowing an opportunity for all parties to present their case, regardless of whether the parties are in attendance or not.

Decisions of the Player Release Tribunal may be appealed to the Ontario Ringette Association.Release Restrictions

Starting in 2005 – 2006, the Eastern Region Ringette Association has implemented a new policy regarding players who are released.  This is a two year pilot study, and the impact will be reviewed at the end of the each season for which it is in effect.

 If a player is released from her home association for the 2005 – 2006 season to another association (“chosen association”), that player MUST return to that “chosen association” if released from her home association for the 2006 – 2007 season.

For the 2006 – 2007 season, if that player is again released by her home association:

·         may tryout for other associations provided she obtains signed Tryout Permission forms from both her home association and her “chosen association”

·         if she is not offered a place on the team in her “chosen association”, the player becomes a free agent and may play with any association. Whatever association she joins then becomes her new “chosen association”.

·         may move onto a third association only if a 2nd release is obtained from her “chosen association”.


Players who were released for the 2004 – 2005 season have been deemed to have selected their “chosen” association, and must play for that association if released for the 2005 – 2006 season unless a second release from their “chosen association” is obtained.