Finance Policies

Fee Payment

Members of the City of Ottawa Ringette Association (CORA) are responsible for the payment of player registration fees in accordance with the schedule of fees stipulated at the time of registration.

Every player must be registered before stepping on the ice for safety purposes.

Should an incident occur during tryouts and throughout the season, the insurance available through the Ontario Ringette Association protects the player and CORA.

Registration Fees
Registration fees must be made in cash or by cheque payable to the City of Ottawa Ringette Association.  See Registration page for current fee schedule.


The CORA refund policy serves two purposes:


1)       allow a player who has registered with CORA to withdraw from ringette for the season

2)       allow a beginning player to try Ringette for the first time.

Withdrawing from CORA for the season may occur for many different reasons. The executive reserves the right to review a withdrawal and waive any holdbacks at its discretion.

All CORA players must provide payment in full prior to participating in any tryouts.

For details on refund amounts, please see refund table by withdrawal date under Player Registration.


Returned Cheques

It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians of any player to ensure that full payment of registration fees is made to CORA on a timely basis.

In the event that a cheque is returned by the bank because of non-sufficient funds, an immediate replacement cheque is expected.

Where such cheque is not forthcoming, the Treasurer will request the replacement cheque.  If a replacement cheque is not remitted within 5 working days, the Treasurer will notify the Registrar and the President of the Association who will contact the player’s parent/guardian.

If a replacement cheque is not remitted within 5 working days of this contact, the player will not be permitted to step on the ice until such time as payment is made.

Power Skating Fees

Fees for power skating must be paid according to the published schedule.  No player will be allowed to step on the ice without payment of fees.

Refunds will not be issued for power skating.

Refunds for players withdrawing for medical reasons will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.