TeamSnap FAQ


  1. How do I give my manager access to my team?
    • When your team is created by the registrar, one member of the team staff will get manager access
    • Managers can give other team staff "manager" access

Schedule Loading

  1. How do schedules get loaded?
    • The CORA ice scheduler sends the CORA webmaster a schedule of practice ice times
    • The CORA webmaster runs software that takes the practice schedule, connects to NCRRL and LERQ/LRQ leagues schedules to load games, and loads that into TeamSnap
  2. What do I need to do if there is a discrepancy between my league schedule and TeamSnap?
    • Contact the CORA webmaster who will run the schedule loading software to make updates
    • Do not contact the ice scheduler. The ice scheduler does not input games.
  3. Why are games loaded as TeamSnap events rather than games?
    • In order for the Webmaster to have full control of the ice times and to prevent teams from messing them up, they must be loaded at the division level (in the past when we let teams modify ice times, mistakes were made and CORA ended up wasting ice and having multiple teams show up for the same ice time)
    • Due to limitations of TeamSnap, in order to load games at the division level, all teams (away and home) need to be in TeamSnap. We get charged on a per team basis, adding all away team is both an administrative nightmare and too expensive
    • The webmaster is fully aware that this prevents teams from entering stats and using TeamSnap Live for those events
  4. When do league schedule updates get loaded into TeamSnap?
    • Each time the scheduling software run, typically every two weeks as new practice schedules come out

New/Events Posting

  1. How do I share my team's tournament success?
    • Send a photo and paragraph describing the success to the CORA webmaster who will post it