Coach Selection

The coaching director shall gather information about all interested candidates for all age groups and all levels. This gathering of information shall be done through the “coaching application form” submitted by any interested candidate. The coaching application form will be sent at the end of each season to every coach and individual who showed interest via email with one reminder at the beginning of June. The coaching application form will also be available online.


The coaching director shall be also responsible for reviewing the coaching evaluations from the previous season with the selection committee (composed of at least three individuals from the Executive, none of whom should have conflicts of interest).  These evaluations and the application forms shall be reviewed and the coaches, for acclaimed positions, shall be assigned to teams.  However, prior to notification of the coaches the Executive must approve the selection.


In the event of two or more individuals seeking the head coach position for one team, the coaching director will first speak with each candidate. Some decisions may be made following this initial contact.  In other cases interviews before the selection committee may be required.  Selection criteria will be used to assess each candidate (see document below).  Following the interviews the selection committee will then make a recommendation to the Executive.  The Executive will then vote for the final selection.


Coaches, with recommendations and suggestions from the Coaching director, are to pick their own assistants.


Important: criminal record forms must be completed by all bench staff before November 1st.


All courses/qualifications required by bench staff (theory, technical, manager and basic first aid) will be eligible for reimbursement upon successful completion with a receipt.



Selection Criteria Form



Criteria Weight
Coaching Qualifications High
Experience in ringette High
Experience in ringette at the level requested Med
Experience in other sport with girls Med
Experience in other sport Low
Experience working with children Low
Parents/players evaluations High
Women High
Coaching plan Med
Communications skills Med
Number of years with the same group Negative High
Total points  




The Coaching director and Selection Committee reviews and recommends candidates based on criteria and information available to the CORA Executive.


The Selection Committee establishes the weighting to be used for each element in the process prior to the start of the selection process and based on the weighting and ranges. The relative weighting of H / M / L to each factor assessed by the committee and how it is applied, is determined by the selection committee (ie: H=5, M=3, L=1).


The recommendations of the selection committee are based on a majority position of the members of the committee. Every member has an equal voice.