CORA is hosting an Adult Intro to Ringette program this spring on Sundays.  It is intended for Beginners, participants who are mustering up their skating courage or, GAARA Dev players improving their ringette skills.  To register, visit and select Available Participant Packages.  Details:

This is a co-ed Intro to Ringette (Beginner) program, there will be an early session and late session; session placement will be based on the skill of registered participants.  Allison Madaley (last year’s leader of the early session and CORA coach), Jenna McBride (former Team Canada/NRL and CORA coach), and Becca Mann (leader of the adult ringette revolution at CORA and CORA ref-in-chief) have agreed to lead various sessions.  We will spend 30-35 minutes on drills and then scrimmage for  the remainder of the time,   Dates:

    • Sunday, March 31 6 PM / 7 PM Kilrea – Yes, this is Easter Sunday…an oversight on my part so hopefully you eat your dinner early afternoon.
    • Sunday, April 7 6:30 PM / 7:30 PM Elizabeth Manley
    • Sunday, April 14 8:15 PM / 9:15 PM Walkley
    • Sunday, April 21 7:30 PM / 8:30 PM Elizabeth Manley
    • Sunday, April 28 8 PM / 9 PM Tom Brown

 Program cost is $110, goalies are free.  Please e-transfer

Full equipment is required for these sessions, cages and sticks are available on loan with a $5 donation to CORA’s Ringette For All.

If you have any questions, please email