COVID-19 Information: Ringette is back, but different.

CORA is working closing with the City of Ottawa, Ottawa Public Health and Ringette Ontario for our return to ringette guidelines.  The purpose of these guidelines is Public Health issue:  we as an organization, parents and athletes want to limit any spread of COVID 19.  No one wants to see anyone get sick or worse.  To ensure compliance to these guidelines, CORA has applied for, and, been approved by Ringette Ontario to function in Stage 2 of Modified Ringette.  Stage 2 is focused on individual training and practicing but does allow participants to get back on the ice.  There are some changes:  teams are very small this year (10 to 11 players) and participate in cohorts or bubbles of 50.  This cohort will ensure traceability and control if an issue with COVID 19 arises.  Furthermore, only 25 players plus coaches will be allowed on the ice during allotted time.

Before Your Event

Before each event (ice time, dryland), players and bench staff will need to fill out Health Attestation and Attendance information, using the TeamSnap Health Check functionality; this functionality becomes accessible 8 hours in advance of an event.  If a player or bench staff has not completed their Attendance and Health Check, they may not enter the arena.  Additionally, CORA representatives, such as members of the Executive or Squad Bench Staff, will have full authority to send a participant (or spectator, once allowed) home if they come to the event ill.

IMPORTANT:  Ensure your TeamSnap App on your mobile phone is up-to-date, Health Check is new and will only appear with the latest versions of the TeamSnap App.

At the Arena

Arena operation has changed substantially to facilitate proper cleaning of dressing rooms and public areas.

  • Limited Spectators allowed at this time, and only when required for skate tying or emotional support of our U10, FUN2 or FUN1 players.
  • Doors will be open 15 minutes before ice time, and locked at 10 minutes before ice time.  Prompt arrival is key!  It is recommended that younger players arrive dressed, possibly with skate guards.
  • Dressing rooms are socially distanced, only 8 people may be in the dressing room at the same time.  Additional chairs will be available in the hallway.
  • All players and bench staff must vacate the arena by 15 minutes after the allotted ice time.

Dressing Room & Bench Etiquette

Masks must be worn when players and bench staff are not engaged in on ice activities - this includes the parking lot! Trainers must wear masks on the bench, and sanitize hands before assisting any players or bench staff.

Some normal activities will also be seriously reduced including:

  • Dressing rooms use must respect the 50 athlete cohort.   Room use will be sequential to maintain bubbles.  E.g. 7 pm ice time leverages dressing room 1 and 2.  8 PM ice time leverages 3 and 4.  The 2 sets of change rooms are separated by significant brick with different hallway corridors.
  • Water spillage needs to be controlled, and absolutely no showers. 
  • Wash hands/hand sanitizer frequently and follow facility regulations, arenas have hand sanitizer by the entrance.
  • No sharing of water bottles, all participants MUST have individual water bottles that have been filled at home.
  • No sharing of any ringette gear.
  • No touching or hugging, socially distanced smiles on the ice will have to suffice.