Hello players and families,

Here is a brief overview of our power skating program for the first half of the season.

Note at this time the ice allocation is set from the City for the October to December 2021 time period, and our power skating programs are set according to our known allocation. I will be working with our ice scheduler and power skating providers to put similar programs in place for the second half of the season.

Also note as there are no official tournaments from Ringette Ontario until January 2022 , and we will take advantage of our Friday ice allocation to provide an additional power skating opportunity (see Power Skating Plus below) for our U14 and U16 players (open to both regional and competitive players), who want to maximize their personal ringette development. U19 players can register too, but priority will be given to U14 and U16 players.

Registration information, pricing and exact session times by level will be posted shortly.

Good quality skating is the most important skill a ringette player can acquire, in order to maximize their success and enjoyment of the sport long term. I highly encourage players to sign up for the CORA power skating programs if possible.

Please see the details of the programs below, and contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Jim Fawcett
Player Development

CORA Power Skating (led by NEXT GENERATION) – Begins Oct 4, 2021

  • Five (5) sessions per age category from October to December at Peplinski arena
  • Available to REC3 (U10), U12, U14/16 regional, U14 competitive (required), U16 competitive (required)
  • Spots may be available to REC2 players (lottery format) subject to REC3 (U10) registrations
  • 30 players maximum per session, 3 instructors
  • Mondays at Peplinski (not including Thanksgiving)

Power Skating Plus (led by Carl Menard) – Begins Oct 8, 2021

  • This is an optional session over and above the session with NEXT GENERATION on Mondays
  • U14 and U16 players *must* be in the CORA Power Skating program, led by NEXT GENERATION (it is important that the player is building the necessary technical skating skill to take advantage of the Plus program)
  • The Power Skating Plus session is only for the most dedicated players wanting to challenge themselves and their personal development
  • 20 players maximum per session, one instructor
  • If a session is oversubscribed, a lottery will select players for the Fall session (players not selected will be prioritized for the January to March 2022 program)
  • Ten (10) U14 sessions and ten (10) U16 sessions from October to December at Peplinski arena
  • Open to any players at the U14 and U16 levels – both regional and competitive players can sign up
  • U19 players *can* sign up, but will be wait listed. U14 and U16 players will have priority
  • Fridays at Peplinski (except for two Monday dates)