Bunnies Learn To Skate

The Bunny - Learn to Skate program is a developmental program which teaches girls basic ringette skills as they improve their skating skills in a child-focused and fun environment. Girls get lots of individual attention and progress at their own rate. The sessions are non-competitive and fun. Every girl wears a Ringette jersey and enjoys being part of the 'team'. Many girls continue on with ringette and develop excellent skating abilities, form life-long friendships and enjoy the many well-known benefits of participating in a team sport.

Generally, this program is for girls aged 5 to 7 who have some basic, beginner skating skills, although knowing how to skate is not a prerequisite. Younger or older children sometimes feel that this program is right for them as well and will be accepted if space allows. If you are 7 or older and have good skating skills, you may want to consider playing on one of our Novice teams.

Historically, Bunnies practiced every Sunday at Brewer Arena from 5 PM to 6 PM.  Due to the City of Ottawa re-balancing of ice allocation in spring 2016, this time has changed to Sunday at 10 AM at Brewer Arena.  The season begins early October.

Bunny players require a full set of ringette equipment.Registration fees for Bunny Program are only $190 for the entire year which includes the use of a jersey for the season, a team photo, a few scrimmage games and a spotlight event in our CORA Tournament.

For more information about the Bunny - Learn to Skate Program, please contact Bunny Convenor.

General Orientation

This information notice is addressed to the parents of all players but especially to the parents of first-time players.

The City of Ottawa Ringette Association (CORA) is operated entirely by volunteers. We count on volunteers to act as coaches, team managers, executives, fundraisers, scorekeepers and tournament organizers. Every parent should be prepared to volunteer time throughout the year to help the team and the Association. The registration fees pay for regular ice time for games and practices, referees, insurance, team equipment and jerseys, training for coaches, managers and referees, fees to Regional and Provincial Ringette Associations and other administrative costs such as postage, printing, advertising and phone bills.

During the first few ice sessions, the coaches and evaluators will be looking at players with a view to assigning them to teams. It is important that the girls attend all of these initial ice practices so they can be evaluated and placed on the team that best suits their experience and playing ability. Team placement is decided by a group of evaluators and the selection process is governed by a set of criteria. For competitive teams, there is a tryout process. Being on a competitive team requires more ice time, more money and, particularly, more commitment from the players and parents. These sessions are critical so please ensure your daughter attends all of them.

Each year issues arise with regard to players being asked to play up one level and with regard to players from neighbouring Associations playing on our teams. We believe that it is in the best interest of the players that if the circumstances justify it players should be given the opportunity to be moved during the course of the year to a team at a higher level. This usually occurs when a player clearly demonstrates that she is of a calibre that justifies such a move. As well, in some situations, there are insufficient numbers to field a team at a particular level. In those circumstances, we will look to neighbouring Associations for players. On occasion, neighbouring Associations are unable to field a team and request that we attempt to accommodate players from their jurisdiction who cannot be placed on a team at their level of play. In those circumstances, we will accept such players who demonstrate the necessary skills and if there are no Ottawa players of a similar calibre trying out for the team.

Once the teams are selected, the coaches will meet with the parents to discuss the coaching philosophy for the team and administrative matters such as tournaments to be entered during the season, fundraising for tournaments and extra ice time and other issues of team concern. Parents are encouraged to ask questions and communicate their suggestions to the coaches.

Every year CORA hosts a tournament. This event is a major fundraiser for the Association and requires help from every member prior to and during the tournament.

We would like to hear from parents who are interested in helping as assistant coaches, team managers, scorekeepers, etc. Please communicate your interests in this regard to a member of our CORA Executive or contact your child's coach or team manager. Parents' cooperation is essential to a successful season.